photography by Michael Caithness ARPS

Gallery 9 : Images of Lake Como and Maggiore, Italy 2003

Image No : G9R1C1 : Leonardo Da Vinci's Horse in Milan Image No : G9R1C2 : Galleria Vittorio Emanuele to La Scala Piazza in Milan Image No : G9R1C3 : Harbour at Bellagio, Lake Como Image No : G9R1C4 : Castello Sforzesco in Milan Image No : G9R1C5 : Monument in Menaggio, Lake Como

Image No : G9R2C1 : Baroque palace on Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore Image No : G9R2C2 : Garden shed at Villa Melzi, Lake Como Image No : G9R2C3 : Castello Di Vezio above Varenna, Lake Como Image No : G9R2C4 : Overgrown door above Varenna, Lake Como Image No : G9R2C5 : Bellagio, Lake Como

Image No : G9R3C1 : St Moritz Image No : G9R3C2 : Street feature in Pescallo, Lake Como Image No : G9R3C3 : Detail of Villa Melzi in Bellagio Image No : G9R3C4 : Graffiti in Pescallo, Lake ComoImage No : G9R3C5 : Varenna, Lake Como

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